Designing Tomorrow: How Layout Builder Promises a Great UX for End Users and Content Creators


Drupal's Layout Builder module is a powerful and intuitive tool for content editors and site builders. Its drag-and-drop interface allows non-technical users to mix and match building blocks. This enables them to quickly and easily build custom visual layouts for landing pages and content types. 

Layout Builder’s component-based approach also supports good content governance. Site builders can manage reusable content through configuration, allowing for greater consistency and control over things like web accessibility and brand consistency. Yet there’s plenty of room for improvement! This session will focus on the future of Layout Builder. We’ll explore how this foundational module can be enhanced to allow content editors the flexibility to be creative, while ensuring a solid governance structure is in place. 

Come along to learn about:

The tangible advantages and full of potential of Layout Builder 

Ideas and current efforts to improve Layout Builder’s functionality

Future opportunities for your organization to leverage