Leveraging Pantheon’s Multidev for Efficient Development and Self-Service at Empire Life

Bonjour Room - 2nd Floor @ 10:30-10:50 AM


Join Luke and Josh as they explore Empire Life’s move to Pantheon, focusing on the practical capabilities of Pantheon’s multidev environment. Josh will start by introducing multidev, setting the stage for a detailed look at Empire Life’s case study.

The discussion will highlight the challenges faced by a small development team managing multiple lines of business, often leading to bottlenecks at the development stage. Discover how Empire Life addressed these challenges by using Pantheon’s multidev environment to empower marketing teams with self-service capabilities. This strategic move has enabled developers to focus on enhancing the CMS rather than getting stuck with daily tasks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Empire Life's Migration to Pantheon: Explore the "lift and shift" process for empire.ca, detailing the strategic advantages and improvements achieved.
  • Development vs. Marketing Environments: Learn how separate environments for development and marketing work were established, using multidev as a sandbox environment.
  • Drupal Roles and Permissions: Understand the importance of thoughtfully assigning Drupal roles and permissions for regulatory compliance and optimizing the content editor UI.
  • Auditability of Content Changes: Gain insights into maintaining auditability for content changes through the proper use of roles and permissions, ensuring a seamless and compliant workflow.

This session is perfect for developers, project managers, and marketing professionals looking to streamline their workflows and maximize the potential of Pantheon’s multidev environment.