EvolveUX - Interactive Fast Feedback Design Sessions

Design Lounge - 1st Floor @ 3:20-4:10 PM


EvolveUX is an Interactive Fast Feedback Design Session where creatives present their current projects and receive constructive feedback from other designers, reminiscent of design school critiques but in a safe and supportive environment. Each presenter has five minutes to showcase their work, followed by three rounds of audience feedback. The feedback starts with what they saw, moves on to what they liked, and concludes with suggestions for improvement. This session will feature an array of exciting presentations, including Gregory Frank, Founder at E2Adventures, presenting the E2Adventures.com rebrand; Yannick Ménard, Web Practice Director and Architect at Alithya showcasing Le miroir Intelligent; Shane Collier, Digital Art Director at Evolving Web, unveiling the AGO homepage; and Elisha Buhendwa, Product Designer, showing a healthcare app.

Watch this video to learn more.