Drupal Site Building & Architecture Training

April 9, 2024

09:00 am - 04:00 pm

Atlanta Tech Village

Course Description

This course offers a deep dive into Drupal's versatility for site builders, developers, and newcomers, covering the essentials of crafting custom websites using Drupal's core and contributed modules. Participants will gain practical experience in structuring content, extending functionality, and implementing best practices for site security and performance. By exploring the limits of site building, learners will also identify when to transition to custom theming or module development. Ideal for those aiming to master Drupal configuration, this course empowers attendees to build complex, feature-rich websites tailored to diverse needs.

Learning Objectives

  • How to add complex and powerful functionality to Drupal using core and contrib
  • Considerations for planning and structuring content
  • Differences between entity types
  • Selecting and installing contributed modules
  • How to configure key contributed modules
  • Best practices for launching and maintaining a secure and speedy website
  • The limits of Drupal site building and when custom theming or module development is required

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