Architecture Decision Records: Collaborative Decision Making that Sticks


Early in 2021, Lullabot's CEO gave the team a goal: find ways to standardize and simplify our processes across multiple projects. While Lullabot has a long history of sharing Drupal best practices through articles, podcasts, and open source contributions, we wanted to improve our work when teams transitioned between projects or when teams were reformed with different members. After research and discussion, Lullabot decided to implement Architecture Decision Records (ADRs). Lullabot has published over 35 ADRs that are publicly available at The journey was a long one, with many challenges to overcome!

Come to this session to: 

  • Learn what ADRs are
  • Review example ADRs to see how they communicate decisions
  • Understand how to develop an ADR-based process for technical decision making at your team, project, or organization
  • See how ADRs have changed Lullabot's technical practice over the past two years

Watch the session recording.