Building a Community of Practice for Digital Standards Compliance (it's more fun than you think!)


In 2019 we revised our digital standards at McGill University, with a simple objective - to compile our web-related policies and best practices in a concise, well-organized document. In doing so, we hoped to make it easier for our web management community to create better websites. Since then, this resource has grown to impact more than just the way our sites are built. Our digital standards are a cornerstone of our governance framework, a key reference guiding departmental web strategies and cross-departmental collaborations, and an established mindset by which members of our community – leaders, web managers and site visitors – share a common understanding of what makes an exemplary website. Beyond producing a resource, we’ve established a community of practice for digital standards compliance.

Come to this session to learn: 

  • insights into the importance of distinguishing content from data when building Drupal websites
  • how to to create sophisticated, scalable, and user-friendly websites that cater to the dynamic needs of their institutions and audiences

Watch the session recording below.