Du monolithe aux microservices : comment diviser et conquérir une base de code massive lors de la migration d'un site Drupal


Presented in French.A typical Drupal site tends to devolve into entropy (chaos), no matter how well intentioned we are in keeping it well-structured, especially after many years. Before migrating from one major version to another, this chaos needs to be brought under control. This talk will look at a healthcare-sector Drupal site which, as is often the case, got bloated with functionality over its 10 years of use: importing events from Eventbrite; webforms; importing personnel records from a third-party site; plugging into a third-party system to fetch emergency-room waiting times. Then there is all that functionality which someone, at one point, thought was a good idea, but which is never used: a scheduling system to publish changes, a revision control system to stage content. The result is a lot of dead code and a overly-complex system.