Little Sprinkles of Interactivity: Progressively Decoupling Drupal


While creating a decoupled front-end on top of Drupal is becoming more popular, our team at Evolving Web has found that a hybrid solution is often a better fit. Progressively decoupling Drupal gives you many of the benefits of using a modern JS framework, while still relying on Drupal theming for interfaces that don’t require this treatment.In this session, we’ll be sharing the basic steps for building and integrating JS components built using modern JS frameworks (e.g. Vue and React) into a Drupal environment. We’ll explain why just adding “little sprinkles of interactivity” or progressively decoupling Drupal is better, in some situations than building fully decoupled applications or SPAs (single-page applications). And you’ll see how specific libraries and modules will help you in the process of creating a progressively decoupled project. We’ll also touch on some best practices for developing JS components.