Yue Lu

UX/UI Designer

Evolving Web

June 14, 2024

45-Minute Website: Custom Design & Build from Figma to Webflow

June 14, 2024

Unleashing Creativity with Figma and Webflow

November 28, 2023

Mapping the Way to Indigenous Empowerment and Land Claims

Yue, a Designer at Evolving Web with over six years of experience, holds a Diploma in Digital Media Design and a UX/UI Certificate. Specializing in web design and digital media, Yue brings a creative touch to visualizing ideas and developing design directions. At Evolving Web, Yue focuses on visualizing ideas, developing design directions, and creating original graphic assets for clients and internal projects. His experience spans various digital media, including web design, Google Ads, booklet design, video production, and photography, being our dedicated EvolveDrupal photographer. Yue's extensive UX/UI knowledge ensures thoughtful and impactful design work that resonates with users. Yue's commitment to excellence and diverse skill set make him a valuable asset to the Evolving Web design team.

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