Drupal Training: Enjoy a 3-day in-person training course

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Drupal training courses

Upskill your Drupal knowledge

Interested in upping your Drupal knowledge? We've got just the opportunity for you! Before EvolveDrupal Atlanta, we'll be hosting an exclusive in-person 2-day Drupal training. All trainees will not only enhance their Drupal skills but also get free admission to EvolveDrupal, offering an invaluable chance to apply what you've learned and network with peers.

Check out the courses below and sign up fast. Seats are limited.

Training courses available

Apr 10

Drupal Module Development Training

Dive deep into Drupal module development by mastering the construction of standard components such as blocks, permissions, forms, and pages. Enhance your skill set by familiarizing yourself with the foundational concepts underlying module development. Discover the significance of utilizing Object Oriented Programming (OOP) principles within the Drupal ecosystem and the critical role of essential Drupal developer tools. Expand your knowledge and practical expertise by gaining hands-on experience in developing Drupal modules from the ground up. You will not only boost your proficiency but also prepare you to tackle complex development challenges with confidence.

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Apr 11

Drupal Theming with SDC and TailwindCSS

This course offers practical, hands-on training designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence required to customize the visual esthetics of your website. By creating a new theme based on the innovative TailwindCSS framework, you will learn to enhance the user interface with a modern and responsive design. Additionally, the course delves into the creation of new components using Simplified Design Components (SDC), further allowing for a tailored website experience. This comprehensive approach ensures that by the end of the course, you will be adept at implementing your vision for your website's look and feel, making it stand out in the digital landscape.

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