Discovering Discovery: Setting your project up for success


Whether your team has a clear picture of what to do or only a general idea, Discovery is a critical starting point for any project. With so many Discovery activities and methodologies, how do you know which ones will help you get the answers you need, or even generate better questions? During the York University School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design (AMPD) website redesign, Discovery was front and center…and ongoing! Learn how AMPD and Evolving Web crafted a distinct discovery approach to meet the School’s redesign objectives, all while building consensus, accommodating uncertainty, and future proofing - and how you can improve Discovery on your next project.

Come to this session to learn to: 

  • Select the appropriate discovery techniques depending on your objectives, landscape and requirements.
  • Discover ways to get collaborators’ buy-in, consensus, and feedback early, reducing delays and improving outcomes.
  • Consider how Discovery can help plan for future priorities and create a culture of improvement.

Watch the session recording below.