Pierre-Paul Lefebvre



With over 15 years of experience in web development and software engineering, Pierre-Paul serves as a Technical Project Manager at Evolving Web. In this role, he leads technical aspects of major projects, excelling in instilling Drupal best practices within development teams. A seasoned Drupal developer, Pierre-Paul has contributed significantly to projects such as Tourism Québec, optimizing custom modules and Drupal configurations, providing deployment and performance best practices, and enhancing Agile development workflows. His expertise extends to collaborations with clients like BAnQ, where he directed technical teams, implemented integrations with external APIs, and oversaw the successful deployment of new hosting environments. Additionally, Pierre-Paul played a key role in validating the migration of INSPQ's website to Drupal 10 and served as a system administrator for Caisse de dépôt du Québec, managing redundant VMware clusters across two data centers.

November 28, 2023

D10 Migration Diaries: Lessons from the Trenches of Institutional Projects

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