Atomic Design

September 7, 2023

Course Description

Atomic and molecular design are great tools to ensure consistency in design language across a website. It can be hard for content editors to use elements from your design library unless Drupal is set up correctly. This course gives front end developers the knowledge they need to build components in Drupal that empower content editors to create flexible, dynamic page designs that also make use of elements of the atomic design methodology.

Learning Objectives

You'll come away from the course with knowledge of: 

  • Making atomic & molecular design accessible for content editors and end users
  • Planning effective landing pages that work for content editors and end-users
  • Picking the best configuration for reusable page components
  • How to use Block types and Paragraphs to build pages
  • Theming techniques that will enable consistent components
  • Accessibility as a key for component design
  • Using the Layout Builder to create more flexible pages

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